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We met in 2010 from a Craigslist Ad.  Furniture, check.  Job, check.  Boyfriend...hmmm...check!   Our first date was at a local bar in Tacoma.  It was 2 blocks from my rental house and Aaron had picked the location.  Too Bad he couldn't remember *exactly* where the bar was and ended up being later than fashionably late.   Lucky for him, I was enjoying my beer and not eager to get back to finishing a research paper.  

When he finally did arrive the first words he ever spoke to me were " I'm so sorry."  I knew then that it would be a great evening and full of good conversation.  It was....right up until I had to dash out to get my paper turned in before the deadline.  

December 2012 in Alaska.


Aaron was on a business trip and I was a stowaway.  Our first day there,  he went in to the Anchorage office and I stayed at the hotel for some pampering.  When he came back,  the plan was to relax and nap for a bit before we heaed up to a late dinner at the Crow's Nest of the Captain Cook Hotel.  Cool as a cucumber, he was.  I had no idea that he had plans....


So we decided to dress up, have a delicious dinner, and harass the sommelier a bit since there weren't many people there,  and just generally have a good time.  We started reminiscing a bit and the next thing I know,  he's pulling something out of his jacket pocket.   It wasn't until he had the box OPEN on the table that it finally hit me what he was doing.   After getting over the initial shock,  my first words were "really???"   and followed by a  "YES!!".     It was the start of a fantastic weekened of fun, and everyone from his work were happy to share in the excitment with us.

We can't wait for you to join us on Sept. 7, 2013 at the Liberty Theater in Puyallup, WA for our wedding.  We're looking forward to an evening of fun, family, friends, and the start of a new chapter in our lives.  

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